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                                                           Other CNC foam Cutters

On this page we post pictures on machines people built based on our design with their improvements

Here is a design based on the Foamlinx FC2912.
This is a low cost version of it - with a turn-key solution under $900 (computer and software not included)

For more information please visit www.rcfoamcutter.com

if you are interested in sharing your information, please send us pictures of your machine and we will
post them here.

Machine built by Vern - Notice the XPS pink foam in the back made by Owens Corning

XPS Foam - the pink stuff

A great idea low cost coupling

Motor coupler

Nice cut !!


Stepper motor driver board with a fan

Some more great ideas from Vern - Stepper motor driver with heat sinks

Motor coupler

Linear slide



Machine built by Rick Hallett    happl@midmaine.com



Cutter made by Ron Kruse

Nice surfboards in the background - are they made out of EPS foam or Polyurethane ?


Some picture from people who purchased our new machines


A picture from Glenn Corrie

A FC2913 automatic CNC hot wire foam cutter machine in Taiwan

Some very nice improvements done on our machines (thanks !!!)

FC2913 Automatic CNC hot wire foam cutter

Hot wire foam cutter cutting Coroplast


Another great idea: a simple tensioning mechanism - the springs weight does not effect the actual cut.
Reduces wire vibration


Machine that Andrew Donatelli built

Stepper motor driver (old version) made by 8Linx

Motor coupler


Here is an XY plotter/cutter based on the linear slides used in the foam cutter
In the future we plan to mount  Laser Cutter

Notice the new stepper motor driver which can support up to 4 unipolar motors.
It is designed to work with most CNC software. The one shown above is from www.kellyware.com


Same table with a Dremil mounted - Notice that the Dremil Z movement is not controlled by the PC (at the moment)

Over the years (about 6 years) we have moved on to larger machine. As shown in the pictures below
This machine which we custom made for a customer can hold up to 7 hot wires and will cut two
block as once. The machine is 8' x 5' x 10'  (X, Y, Wire length).

The Drive mechanism is a bit different then in all the other machines. In this machine we used a chain
to drive the X axis. The use of a chain will enable us to have a X axis as long as we want.
With a lead screw or an ACME screw we would be limited to 6 to 7' and would have to go a
lager diameter of a lead screw in order to overcome the wobbling and the vibration caused by the
long lead screw.

Massive machine with 7 hot wires