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Other CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machines Design

In this post we will show you some examples of machines people built based on our design with their improvements and modifications.

Here is a design based on our first hot wire foam cutter prototype

This is a low cost version with a turn-key solution under $900 (computer and software not included)

Hot wire foam cutter cutting Coroplast

Here is a design by with X-Axis travel = 28" (711mm) maximum root core length

Y-Axis travel = 18" (457mm) maximum thickness

Here are additional examples of hot wire foam cutters design by customers who purchased our machines and changes them

This is am interesting design made of wood

Another great idea: a simple tensioning mechanism - the springs weight does not effect the actual cut. Reduces wire vibration

Over the years (about 6 years) we have moved on to larger machine. As shown in the pictures below.

This machine which we custom made for a customer can hold up to 7 hot wires and will cut two block as once. The machine is 8' x 5' x 10'  (X, Y, Wire length).

The Drive mechanism is a bit different then in all the other machines. In this machine we used a chain to drive the X axis. The use of a chain will enable us to have a X axis as long as we want.

With a lead screw or an ACME screw we would be limited to 6 to 7' and would have to go a

lager diameter of a lead screw in order to overcome the wobbling and the vibration caused by the long lead screw.

This is a massive machine with 7 wires.



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