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We Love Sharing our CNC and CAD Knowledge with the world

Flying RC planes with our kids when they were younger, I was always fascinated by the RC and plane models world.

Our oldest wanted me to build him an electric custom radio-controlled plane model and so I started educating myself about the foam materials needed, the ultimate shape, and how to actually cut it.

Hi everyone, my name is Tal, I am an electrical engineer with hardware, software, and motion control experience living in the Bay Area, CA.

I built my first CNC hot wire foam cutter in my garage, to be able to cut the wings and the core. It had the 2 towers, the 4 motors, the hot wire heating up melting the foam, and run by CAD software. It was 4-Axis, computer-controlled, not a great looking machine aesthetically, but it did the job.


Since then, we modified, changed, and added to our machines design, and Foamlinx was developed, selling CNC hot wire foam cutters for 2D and CNC routers milling machines for 3D. My wife, Sigal joined me on my journey, and we, later on, established WeCutFoam, providing foam, wood and plastics cutting, machining, and prototyping services.

We are passionate about what we do and we love sharing our knowledge, experience, and advice to be able to assist others who are as enthusiastic as us about the CNC world and looking to build their own foam cutter.

Our posts are engaged with step-by-step DIY foam cutter, hard coating over foam, building your own foam recycling machine, building a foam plane model, explanations about foam types out there and more.

Feel free to cruise our blog posts,

enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

BTW, I still love to fly RC planes,

but added Motor Paragliding

and Wind Surfing now as well…

Tal & Sigal

Tal Wind Surfing
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