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Here are pictures of some cuts we made with our new machine

Single hot wire machine cutting multiple shapes

Different shapes for a different customer

For a limited time build you own FC3920K, FC5530 and FC5555
                   spend some time, save a lot of money:

We have some "scratched and dent" parts that were damaged during shipping,
some are from demo machines,
and some are from previous design (very minimal changes may be needed). 
If you don't mind the scratches and maybe drill a hole here and there - this is for you.
Some parts are black zinc coated while some are blue powder coated as shown below
Here is what's included in the package:
2 Motor Mounts

4 End Mounts

2 X Axis Carriages

2   Y Axis Carriages
16 Teflon Bushings/Bearing
4   Teflon ACME nuts
8   Bearing Support Plates

Parts can be purchased on our online store at

Outside the US, please contact us at info@foamlinx.com
Please note: We only ship UPS - no exceptions !!!

Please download the manual and make sure you understand what you
are getting in this package (and what you will need to make on your own)
Assembly manual - Click here

Not included:
3/4" shafts
Electronics and motors and motor couplers

You may need to do some filing, maybe some drilling as well
The above parts may be used, scratched, some may have some rust.
You may need to do some "tweaking" but for sure you can shorten the time to get a working system.
Additional parts which are not included can be found here:
3/4" stainless steel rods: - www.use-enco.com
1/2"-10 ACME screw - www.use-enco.com  

To purchase via our CNC online store (Visa and MasterCard) please click here


FC2913 Automatic Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter
Click here to see our latest design

2 independent XY tables

Another look at the table - All parts are laser cut, computerized bent, 
and black Zinc coated

1/2" stainless steel rods support both Y and X axis

Total length of  X axis is 38" - max travel is 29"

Powerful stepper motors 1.8deg/step

Cutting wire with a spring - by connecting another hot wire, two cores
can be cut simultaneously.

Y axis is 22" - Max Y axis travel is 13"
Max cutting speed: 10"/min


We have a large inventory of brand new parts (not scratched not bent)

Want to make a low cost small CNC foam cutter ?
Here are the metal parts needed to make the above foam cutter

Included:  (shown above)
All metal parts needed to build the foam cutter
  2 X Axis carriages
  2 Y Axis carriages
  4 Motor Mounts
  2 End Mounts
  8 Bearing Support plates
  20 Bushings
  8 Acme Nuts 3/8-12

Not included:
1/2" shafts
3/8-12 ACME screws available at www.use-enco.com
Motors, motor drivers and motor couplers

For more information please visit our online store